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The terms and conditions being described on this Page will govern your access to (the website) or use of its social media platform and related services to read, review or rate mangas uploaded by other users on the website (the Services).

The website is being owned and operated by and offers an online platform where users can upload/share mangas (Japanese comics). You can create an account on this website and read, review, or upload your mangas to share it with your friends or community.

However, please carefully read and review these terms and conditions before using any feature or service on this website. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you may not use the Services.


All users and guest visitors shall consent to these terms and conditions before using any feature or service being offered or made available on this website. Clicking I Agree to accept these terms and conditions shall be deemed as your free, informed and unambiguous consent to enter a binding agreement (Agreement) with regarding the subject matter described herein.

When you enter this Agreement, it shall be deemed that you are legally mature and otherwise qualified to consent in your jurisdiction, and if you are not, using the website under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardian who has consented to these terms and conditions.

The Services are intended for global users, but it shall be your responsibility to ensure that you can access the website or use the Services in your jurisdiction without violating any laws. By using this website, you agree to comply with the local, state or federal laws in your jurisdiction. Any violation of the applicable laws, unauthorized access, abuse or misuse of the Services on this website shall be deemed as a material breach of this Agreement. may monitor or record your activities on the website but shall have no such obligations. However, if we believe or become aware that you are involved in any violation of the applicable laws or breach of this Agreement, we may restrict, suspend or terminate your account, block any further access to the Services and/or disclose any record, information or content to the relevant authorities/third parties as set forth in our privacy policy. reserves a right to determine the process and procedures for using the Services on the website. All these process and procedures are being incorporated into this Agreement.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The website and its content, including but not limited to the trademarks, service marks, logos, icons, page headers, graphics, images, videos, texts, scripts, applications, services, and service names are exclusive or non-exclusive properties of and fully protected under the copyrights and trademarks laws of Portugal. Copyright © 2019 All rights otherwise not claimed on this website belong to

The copyrights to uploaded mangas and content belong to the respective owners. You can access, read or download any shared mangas or content for your personal and non-commercial use, but nothing in this limited license shall grant you any rights, whether by estoppel or otherwise, to copy, extract or systematically retrieve any protected content to modify, alter, create derived works, publish, reproduce, redistribute, lease, sell or exploit the mangas or other content without obtaining a prior written authorization from or the respective owners, as the case may be. You shall have no rights to edit, alter, remove or otherwise disparage any trademark, service mark or proprietary notices from the downloaded content.


Access to the website shall be free and voluntary, but you may be required to create an account on this website to access/use certain premium features or services being offered or made available on this website. All registrations/subscriptions on the website are subject to verification and approval by

When you create an account on this website, you may be required to submit your name, user name, email address, contact number and other details of your personal or demographic profile. Any information that you submit on the website or we receive from third parties will be handled according to our Privacy Policy, which is being incorporated into this Agreement.

If you are registering/subscribing on behalf of your company or business organization, it shall be deemed that you have all the rights and authorizations to represent your company. Creating an account without proper authority shall be deemed as a material breach of this Agreement. You shall be personally responsible for all liabilities arising out of any such unauthorized submission or sharing of third-party content on this website.

It shall be your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your login information. You shall be liable for all activities under your login credentials, including any uploaded/shared mangas or breach of this Agreement. If you suspect any kinds of unauthorized access or activity on your account, immediately review the security of your account and inform our support team to prevent or minimize any possible liabilities from such unauthorized access or activity. By using this website, you agree that shall not be liable for any deletion or misuse of your protected content due to your failure to secure your login information or device.


All subscriptions, promotional offers, and revenue sharing plans on the website are subject to change at any time and with prior notice. may share its ad revenue with users who upload mangas on the website and achieve certain views/rating threshold from their monthly or weekly chapters, as determined by it.

The payment shall be made only through the payment instruments listed on the website. We reserve a right to add or remove any payment method from the website in our sole discretion. The users must link a valid PayPal or bank account to their profile for receiving any income credited to their account.

It shall be your responsibility to ensure that the details of your linked PayPal or bank account is accurate and you can actually receive any income through the linked payment instrument. shall not be liable for any delays, hold or confiscation of transferred proceeds by your bank or other government authorities in your jurisdiction.

User-Generated Content

All your mangas and uploaded content, including any views, reviews, suggestion, recommendations, information or feedback posted, shared or transmitted through the website shall be deemed as user-generated content. shall be entitled to a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable, worldwide, and royalty-free license to all user-generated content on the website. It shall be your responsibility to ensure that you have all the rights and authorization to grant this limited license to we may not adapt, modify, publish, distribute, transfer and share your content or feedback with any third party or use it for commercial or non-commercial purposes without any obligations to notify you, if needed will request prior consent or compensate for any intellectual property contained in your submitted content or feedback.

You shall be solely liable for any mangas or content uploaded, shared or transmitted through the website. However, we reserve a right to refuse, modify or delete any user-generated content from the website in our sole discretion. If we believe or become aware at any point that you have uploaded or shared any mangas or content you are not authorized to, we may ask you to prove your ownership or rights to share the content. If you fail to prove your ownership or rights to upload/share any content, it will be removed from the website and your account may be restricted, suspended or terminated for violating this Agreement.

Rating and Reviews

By submitting any rating or reviews regarding uploaded/shared mangas on the website, you agree that:

  • You will provide an accurate, fair and unbiased opinion.

  • You are the sole author and owner of any content you submit.

  • You will waive any proprietary or moral rights over your submitted content.

  • You will never do anything to compromise our rating and review system or otherwise gain undue ratings for your uploaded mangas or negatively impact the ratings of any other user on the website.

  • reserves a right to remove any rating, review or comment from the website in its sole discretion.

Prohibited Activities

The Service shall be used for sharing legal and lawful content only. All kinds of unlawful activities, illegal mangas, and infringing content shall be strictly prohibited on this website. By using the website, you agree that you will never:

  • Abuse/misuse any feature, service, systems or protected content, harm or try to compromise the security of this website or connected devices/networks, or induce any user to follow links to malicious links/content.

  • Upload or share any copyrighted mangas or content unless you own the copyrights or duly authorized to share the content.

  • Upload or share any mangas that are derogatory, defamatory, unlawful, infringing, offensive, or otherwise objectionable to any individual, race, religion, gender, community or ethnic groups.

  • Impersonate any person or entity, stalk other users, or try to gain access to their personal information or protected content.

  • Use any tools or technology to edit, modify, extract, compile, publish or redistribute any content, compilation or database on the website or engage in activities that amount to commercial exploitation of our resources.

  • Use any tools or technology to enclose our logos, brands, trademarks or proprietary notices being featured on this website.

  • Use the Service to communicate encrypted/anonymous messages in any form or manner or otherwise violate any local, state or federal laws in your jurisdiction.

Modification of the Services may adapt, modify, suspend or discontinue any feature, subscription, revenue sharing plan or service in its sole discretion and without any obligations whatsoever. We do not guarantee that any feature or service on the website will remain available in the future.

Termination of this Agreement reserves a right to restrict/suspend your account or terminate this Agreement in its sole discretion. You may also deactivate your account and terminate this Agreement at any time.

If this Agreement is terminated, your account and associated content will be permanently deleted unless we are required to retain any information due to our accounting, reporting or other legal obligations. If your account is terminated due to any violations of this Agreement, any credited or outstanding rewards to your account will be forfeited in favor of However, any such termination will have no effect on your pending obligations before the termination, whether arising in relation to your use of the Services or indemnities granted under this Agreement.

No claims or compensation shall be admissible on the grounds that your account was restricted/suspended or this Agreement was terminated without giving any notice or reasonable period to rectify a material breach of this Agreement. This section shall survive any termination of this Agreement.


You shall indemnify and its parent, partners, subsidiaries, service providers, assignees, affiliates, executives, employees and agents, defending them harmless against all claims, liabilities, damages, actions, proceedings, costs and expenses, including a reasonable attorney’s fees that may arise in relation to:

  • Your non-compliance with the applicable laws or any violation of this Agreement.

  • Your infringement of third-party rights, including any misuse of copyrighted content made available on the website.

  • Your other acts or omissions on the website, including but not limited to any offensive, derogatory or otherwise objectionable content uploaded on the website or misuse of any feature/service made available on the website. shall be entitled to assume exclusive defense of any claim under your indemnification and receive full reimbursement of its expenses incurred in defending any such claims of rectifying the damages.

This section shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Subject to your statutory rights, disclaims all warranties, conditions, and undertakings to the maximum extent permitted in your jurisdiction. The mangas and related services are being made available on As-is and As-available basis, without creating any kinds of express or implied warranties of accuracy, authenticity, availability, merchantability, fitness for particular purpose or suitability of the mangas as per your preferences, age group or other criteria.

We do not claim that that the content on the website, including the mangas and related views, reviews, suggestions, recommendations or information will be accurate, authentic, correct, reliable, available or always remain free from any errors, omissions, infringements, viruses or interruptions, and any such occurrences will be rectified immediately or promptly.

We do not claim that the website will be absolutely secure and the service providers or other third-party entities will perform as per your needs, preferences or expectations. We do not claim that you will actually earn any rewards by uploading your mangas and making it available to the users on the website. All these warranties are hereby disclaimed.

Limitation of liabilities shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, major, minor, incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages, including but not limited to any loss of actual or potential business, revenue, profits, goodwill, credibility, peace of mind or other intangible losses that may occur to you or any third party in relation to (a) your ability or inability to use the Services on the website, (b) your inability to protect or prove your rightful ownership to any mangas or content uploaded on the website, (c) escalated cost of using another service provider to read your favorite mangas or use any services made available on the website, (d) activities, statements, non-performance, unsolicited behavior or other acts and omissions of any user or service provider on the website, (e) unauthorized access to your account, loss, deletion or misuse of any personal information or content submitted on the website, (f) interruption of the Services due to maintenance, technical issues, modification of the Services or force majeure events, (g) any other unforeseeable damages, whether arising out of any negligence of duty, misrepresentation, non-performance, torts, breach of contract or otherwise, and the possibility of such damages was already conveyed to

Subject to the applicable laws, these exclusions shall apply to the maximum extent permitted in your jurisdiction. However, if any such limitation of incidental, consequential or other damages is not permitted in your jurisdiction, the total liabilities of arising out of any such non-performance, misrepresentation, tort, breach of contract, negligence of statutory duty, restitution or otherwise, shall be limited to the amount you paid to for using any feature/service that makes us liable or the minimum amount provisioned under the applicable laws governing this Agreement, whichever is less.

General Terms

The terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the privacy policy, process and procedures, end-user licenses and additional agreements incorporated into this Agreement shall constitute an entire agreement between you and, superseding all your previous agreements, arrangements or understandings with us regarding the subject matter herein. Any ambiguity, misrepresentation or dispute regarding this Agreement shall not be construed against the drafting party.

All users and service providers on the website shall be deemed as independent entities. Nothing on the website shall create or construed as any kinds of partnership, joint venture, principal-agent or employer-employee relationship between and any such independent entities. shall never be a party to your personal or social relationship with any user or third-party service provider on this website may assign its rights, obligations, titles or interests to any third party it deems necessary to provide the Services on the website. Prior written consent from shall be required for any such transfer of your rights and obligations under this Agreement.

If any provision of this Agreement is declared null and void by the courts with the competent authority or becomes unenforceable due to enacted legislation or otherwise, the impugned provision shall be severed to the minimum extent necessary and the remaining Agreement shall survive to be fully enforceable and valid.

If ignores any non-compliance or otherwise unable to strictly enforce this Agreement due to specific circumstances, it shall never be deemed as a general waiver of its legal rights and remedies against your subsequent non-performance, violations or breach of this Agreement.

The headings and paragraphs are intended for convenience only and should not be used for interpreting any provisions of this Agreement.

All declarations and communications arising out of or in relation to this Agreement shall be made through an electronic medium (web publication, email, facsimile, etc.) and deemed as written communication.

Third Party Links

This website may contain links to or from third party websites, services or content. does not exercise any control over third party websites and by making any such links available on the website, we do not endorse or recommend any product service or content on such websites. shall not be liable for any claims or damages arising out of or in relation to your access, use or reliance on any third-party product, service or content being featured on the website or made available through any links.

Dispute Resolution

All disputes arising out of or in relation to this Agreement shall be resolved through mutual negotiations. Subject to the applicable laws, the parties agree to waive their rights to class action, class arbitration, or other representative action or proceeding with regard to any such disputes.

Governing Laws

The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be construed and governed according to the laws of Portugal, without any regards to the conflict of laws. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Portugal with regard to all matters that may not be resolved through mutual negotiations as set forth in this Agreement.

Changes to this Agreement reserves a right to modify or replace these terms and conditions in its sole discretion. However, if this Agreement is substantially modified, we will publish a notification on the website and take other appropriate measures to inform you about the policy changes. Please regularly visit this Page to stay updated.

Once published, the modified Agreement shall replace and supersede all your previous agreements, arrangements and understandings with Clicking I Agree to continue the Services being made available on the website shall be deemed as your free, informed and unambiguous consent to accept the modified Agreement. If you do not agree with the modifications, you may discontinue the Services.

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